Welcome to Kawakawa Station

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Kawakawa Station Walk is one of Wairarapa’s oldest sheep stations, and the North Island’s southernmost farm. Whether you’re a tourist, backpacker, or photographer, Kawakawa Station is the place for you!

Come revel in the breathtaking coastal views across the Cook Strait all the way to the snow-capped Kaikouras. Stray off the beaten path and traipse through the beautiful native bush whilst surrounded by spectacular river valleys, and the abundant wildlife.


Where it all started:

The Station itself is rich in history. It was first leased by the Russell family in 1847, and included an estate of approximately 10,000 acres. With his crown grants and leasehold land, John Russel began farming his 2 acres with just 3 men, 3 horses, and 1,000 sheep, for the rental sum of 24 pounds. Captain Bob Russell’s schooner (a type of sailing vessel) was then used to transport the collected wool to Wellington.

During the 1860s, the lease of some 17,000 acres was transferred to the patriarch of the Pharazyn family, Charles Pharazyn. A man who had been leasing land in Palliser Bay to graze sheep since 1845; a feat almost unheard of at the time. His daring enterprise paid off, and he soon owned many thousands of acres. His sons then continued his legacy and also became sheep farmers. The ‘Kawakawa’ block has since been sub-divided into its present size of 4,000 acres, and is still cultivated today as a healthy sheep and beef farm.  

Over the years, a substantial area of land has been cleared, but over half of the station is still covered with diverse ecosystems of native bush. We regard this as our slice of paradise, which we enjoy sharing with others.

Kawakawa Station offers a range of walk and accomodation options to suit guests of all ages, abilities, and interests. Upon arrival, we will provide you with maps and supplies, and then leave you to take your journey into your own hands.





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Glamping at Kawakawa Station

Leave your sleeping bag and camping stove at home, because camping at Cape Palliser just got an upgrade! Queen beds, luxury bedding, purpose-built bathroom and dine-in kitchen, open-air bathtub – welcome to the wonderful world of tent-living at Kawakawa Station!

Here, guests experience luxury, comfort, stress-free relaxation and total privacy in the picturesque setting of Cape Palliser. The perfect getaway for couples or families.

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